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Re: bash does filename expansion when assigning to array member in compo

From: Gundi Cress
Subject: Re: bash does filename expansion when assigning to array member in compound form
Date: 20 Aug 2012 17:12:26 GMT
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Am Sat, 18 Aug 2012 19:55:17 +0100 schrieb Stephane Chazelas:

> 2012-08-18 10:26:22 -0500, Dan Douglas:
>> This is a feature that all shells with this style of compound
>> assignment have in common. If no explicit subscripts are given, the
>> text between the parentheses is processed exactly as though it were
>> arguments to a command including brace expansion, word-splitting, and
>> pathname expansion (and consequently, quoting is just as important).
>> This is an important feature because it allows storing the results of a
>> glob in an array easily.
>> If a subscript is given explicitly, then the right-hand side of the
>> assignment is treated exactly as an ordinary scalar assignment would
>> be, including all analagous behaviors for `+=' and the integer
>> attribute.
>>  $ set -x; a=( [1]=* )
>> + a=([1]=*)
> [...]
> Nope:
> ~/1$ touch '[1]=x'
> ~/1$ bash -c 'a=( [1]=* ); echo "address@hidden"' [1]=x ~/1$ bash -c 'a=(
> [1]=asd ); echo "address@hidden"'
> asd
> That's a bug though.

I'm not sure if I got it right.
Please correct me if I got it wrong:

It is not generally a bug that Bash does filename expansion when assigning
to array members in compound form. Only if explicit indices identify 
array members in a compound assignment there should be no filename
expansion and it's a bug if Bash does so.



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