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printf question

From: laurent . testut
Subject: printf question
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 04:20:53 -0800 (PST)
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Dear All,
  I need to run a command that concat a list of files. It work like cat in UNIX.

 teqc.exe file1 file2 ... > output 

  Then I want to build this list of file with bash, and insert it in a shell 

> liste=`ls *.T02`
> echo $liste
SHOB087k.T02 SHOB087l.T02 SHOB087m.T02 SHOB087n.T02 SHOB087o.T02 SHOB087p.T02 
SHOB087q.T02 SHOB087r.T02 SHOB087s.T02 SHOB087t.T02 SHOB087u.T02 SHOB087v.T02 
SHOB087w.T02 SHOB087x.T02 SHOB088a.T02 SHOB088b.T02 SHOB088c.T02 SHOB088d.T02 
SHOB088e.T02 SHOB088f.T02 SHOB088g.T02 SHOB088h.T02 SHOB088i.T02 SHOB088j.T02 
SHOB088k.T02 SHOB088l.T02 SHOB088m.T02 SHOB088n.T02 SHOB088o.T02 SHOB088p.T02 

Echo gives me the list files I want (although the first 4 letter are in 
UPPERCASE which is not the case of the real list?), in a row format, but printf 
doesn't work the same way and I don't understant why.

> printf $liste
> SHOB087k.T02

return the first element (in uppercase format ???)

> printf "$liste"
> SHOB087k.T02

return the list element in column format ??

What shouls I put i my shell 

1> teqc.exe `ls *.T02` > out.T02
2> teqc.exe  $liste    > out.T02
3> teqc.exe "$liste"   > out.T02

What is the proper way of doing this ?

Thanks for your help 


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