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Re: Should this be this way?

From: Sven Mascheck
Subject: Re: Should this be this way?
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 23:47:13 +0100
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On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 09:55:01AM -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:

> Who still remembers when if the exec(2) failed then the shell
> examined the first character.  If it was a '#' then shell ran the file
> through csh.  If ':' then through ksh.  If neither then sh.  This may
> have been a local hack though.  Clearly the Berkeley #! hack is better.

the other way round :)
# was the Berkeley hack implemented in both sh and csh.
#! was the Bell Labs hack, but the first systems to implement
this outside Bell Labs were running in Berkeley.

(I haven't heard of such a ksh hack, yet. Would like to hear more,
 off-list if you like)

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