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weird problem -- path interpretted/eval'd as numeric expression

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: weird problem -- path interpretted/eval'd as numeric expression
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:29:38 -0700
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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, as I am very uncertain
that it is a bash-bug and am more inclined to believe it is some
odd interpretation causing my code to go hay-wire in this instance.
So if I should move this to another discussion location, I'm fine
with that -- I'm just trying to figure out why something of the form

include lib/Util/Needroot.shh

where include is a function the name of a file in my path (or an alias
to define the function)...

/home/law/bin/recycle_space: line 7: lib/Util/needroot.shh: division by
0 (error token is "/needroot.shh")

If I try:
changing the path to:

I get:
/home/law/bin/recycle_space: line 7: Util/needroot.shh: syntax error:
invalid arithmetic operator (error token is ".shh")

If I add double quotes around the pathname (as I didn't think they
should be
needed in this case), it makes no difference.  I get the same message as in
the first case (div by 0)

It might be thought that the issue is complicated by the fact that
will re-execute the original script with 'sudo' if it is run by a non-root
user, but running the script (recycle_space) AS root (when
the 'needroot.shh' _doesn't_ re-execute itself, also results in the same

Are there any 'odd circumstances' where an argument to a function
is automatically eval'd as an integer expression instead of just being
passed as a string?

This has been a problem for several months, just that it IS work-around able
and the multiple attempts at re-following the execution flow haven't
yielded anything new -- just more cryptic symptoms...(like
the line the 'include is on, isn't even on line 7, it's on line 14...minor
things like that... ;-/).


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