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Looking for a specific fix

From: Jean Delvare
Subject: Looking for a specific fix
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 18:27:30 +0200

Hi all,

There are a few changelog files seemingly related to bash on the web
with the following entry:

- change reset_job_indices to avoid infinite looping when js.j_firstj
  == 0 or js.j_firstj == js.j_jobslots upon function entry.  Fixes
  bug reported by address@hidden

For example in that file:

I need to find the code change which corresponds to this fix. It seems
it happened between versions 3.2 and 4.0 of bash. However the git
repository doesn't seem to contain individual commits. I also couldn't
find the above entry in the CHANGES file of bash-4.0.

So I have a hard time figuring out if this corresponds to an actual fix
in bash. Can anyone shed some light on this, and ideally point me to the
code change if it exists somewhere?

Jean Delvare
Suse L3

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