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Re: bug batch

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bug batch
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 02:54:57 -0700
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I can't speak to all your cases, but I had comments on a few:

Dan Douglas wrote:

Most shells (and GCC) consider not grouping the assignment in a situation like
this an error. Bash tolerates it, apparently reversing associativity:

    : $((1 == x = 1)) # Error in dash/ksh/mksh/zsh/etc
        If you do it without the ':', it returns a false status.
The colon doesn't seems to return true or false based on whether or not
there was a syntactic error, but not for a command that runs normally and 
any status.

 2. += environment assignments

    2a. POSIX mode += w/ special builtin.

You say you got an answer of '2'?   When I did your test interactively,
it came out '25' in non-posix mode. (bash V 4.2.45).  I have a feeling
that you asked for posix (dysfunctional) and got it.  I don't recall
the posix standard specifying "+=" as an operator, but I'm FAR from an
expert on posix.

shell | inner | outer bash: 5 2 #(4.2.45)
bash43: 5 5
ksh:    25 25
mksh:   25 25
zsh:    25 25

Anyway, don't have time to analyze the rest, but those above looked
like bash is doing the right thing...?

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