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Re: corrupted input after size function (input that's not recorded by ba

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: corrupted input after size function (input that's not recorded by bash)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 14:09:39 -0700
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Greg Wooledge wrote:
On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 12:58:02PM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
So how can my showsize function be mangling the input in a way that
prevents proper execution, but isn't recorded by bash?

What makes you believe it's this function that's causing your problem,
and not something else, such as a PROMPT_COMMAND variable?  Or some
command which is altering the terminal in some bizarre way?

FWIW, my prompt is a bit complex, but it's worked for years, so I
sorta doubt it is the problem:

  read _CRST < <(tput sgr0)   #Reset
  read _CRed < <(tput setaf 1)  #Red
  read _CBLD < <(tput bold)   #Bold
  declare _prompt_open="" _prompt_close="" _prompt=">"
  declare _disp_port=${DISPLAY/[^:]*:/}
  [[ $UID -eq 0 ]] && {
  PS1='\['"$_prompt_open"'\]$(spwd "$PWD" )'"$_prompt"'\['"$_prompt_close"'\] ';

  if [[ -n ${REMOTEHOST:-""} ]]; then
    function titlebar { \
      printf "\033]1;address@hidden:%q\007" "$(spwd "$PWD")" ;\
    export -f titlebar

PS1='\[$(titlebar)'"$_prompt_open"'\]${HOSTNAME}:$(spwd "$PWD")'"$_prompt"'\['"$_prompt_close"'\] '
Puts out shortened path on my prompt and on the window title bar.
The title bar thing is very handy when you have a bunch of windows minimized
and want to find a tty window that is in a particular directory...as I move
my mouse over the minimized windows, it shows me the title -- so I see the path
of each window..

#==============swd is defined in another file:

alias int=declare\ -i _e=echo _pf=printf exp=export ret=return
exp __dpf__='local -a PF=(
                "..." )'
function spwd () {  \
  (($#)) || { _e "spwd called with null arg"; return 1; }; \
  int w=COLUMNS/2                         ;\
  ( _pf -v _p "%s" "$1" ; export IFS=/    ;\
    set $_p; shift; unset IFS             ;\
    t="${_p#${HOME%${USER}}}"             ;\
    int tl=${#t}                          ;\
    if (($#<=6 && tl<w));then ((tl<=2)) && \
      { _e -En "${_p}";return 0; }        ;\
    else                                   \
      eval "$__dpf__"                     ;\
      int i pfl=${#PF[*]}                 ;\
      for ((i=0; i<pfl; ++i)); do eval     \
        "_pf -v _pa %s \"${PF[i]}\""      ;\
        _p="$(eval "_pf %s \"$_pa\"")"    ;\
        ((${#_p}<w)) && break;  done      ;\
    fi                                    ;\
    _e -En "${_p#${HOME%${USER}}}" )

It's the way I might wish \w|\W to work in bash...

PF is my array of formats.  __dpf__ is a string that will define the array
(since I can't export arrays n hashes, I export things to define them)

It adopts longer paths if the paths all fit in the space, but shorter ones
when the path doesn't.. I let take up to half the screen, which is
a fair amount, but if I'm buried that deep somewhere, clues are handy.

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