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Re: currently doable? Indirect notation used w/a hash

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: currently doable? Indirect notation used w/a hash
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 02:20:52 -0700
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Chris Down wrote:
 Chet Ramey wrote:
>> Now I want to access the value for IP for the current "IF" (IF holding
>> eth0 or eth1 or some other InterFace name).
> This is an excellent statement of the rationale for nameref variables,
> which will be implemented in bash-4.3.

         That order fries wouldn't happen to come with
 the ability to also export such things would it?  ;-)

Please, no more brittle export hacks. I'm already crying enough at function exports.

Brittle would be bad.  Pliant and chewy would be much better, I agree.

Perhaps you might explain what you mean by brittle?  Like the export hacks
you get in the Antarctic in June?  The word brittle with export doesn't
seem to fit very well.  What happened to your functions?  Don't they work?

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