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Re: completion fails on file names with special characters

From: Filipus Klutiero
Subject: Re: completion fails on file names with special characters
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 23:44:54 -0400
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Hi Uwe,

On 2014-03-12 21:37, Uwe Storbeck wrote:
A few corrections to my last mail:

bash completion before the first letter of the file name fails at
all, even for "normal" file names:

   $ mkdir /tmp/test && cd /tmp/test && touch a
   $ ls <TAB><TAB>

Also not all characters where the completion after the first
letter fails are characters which bash would escape with a
backslash during the completion as the comma actually does not
get escaped by bash.
Not sure what qualifies "special characters" in this context.
Characters where completion does not work for me (when file
names share the same beginning, as you have mentioned before)


Interesting is also this example:

   $ mkdir /tmp/test && cd /tmp/test && touch aa 'a('
   $ ls a<TAB><TAB>
   a(  aa

So far it's ok. But:

   $ ls a(<TAB>

results in a wrong completion:

   $ ls a(a


I can reproduce (only tested the first case). Indeed, bash-completion appears 
to cause quite important bash completion problems with 4.3. This has to be 
related to a similar issue reported by Albert Shih upstream (on the mailing 
list, there is no upstream ITS): 

Chet Ramey has started work on a fix.

Thank you

Filipus Klutiero

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