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bash cross with installed readline

From: Andrew Kosteltsev
Subject: bash cross with installed readline
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 13:30:55 +0400

Dear All,

When we build bash for some targets the INCLUDES variable for BUILD_CC
contains the path to target readline headers. This path points to the
target headers which not preferred for utilities which prepared for build

Also when we have installed readline on the target the configure script
avoids cross_compilation problems with AC_TRY_RUN and substitutes wrong
(very old) version of libreadline. If we sure that we installed correct
readline version we can change configure script for cross compilation

Please look at attached patches. If this solution can be used for common
case then please apply these patches for the future versions of bash.

Best Regards,
Andrey K.

Attachment: bash-4.2-cross-for-build.patch
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