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multiline ^C regression

From: Egmont Koblinger
Subject: multiline ^C regression
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 08:40:17 +0100


Type a multiline command, and press ^C.

bash-4.2:  The new prompt appeared below the complete multiline command.

bash-4.3:  The new prompt appears right under the previous prompt,
overwriting parts of the aborted command line and leaving garbage after the
new prompt.

I believe this is a regression, at least it's very inconvenient for me.  I
often bring back an older command for having it displayed on the screen, to
use it as a reference to type a new command, or to copy-paste parts of it.
I don't mean to execute it, hence I press ^C, yet I'd like it to remain
displayed on the screen.

I hope the change in the behavior was not intended and I'd be glad if you
could please fix it :)

Thanks in advance,

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