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Re: Bash security issue

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: Bash security issue
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 15:08:42 -0700
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Eric Blake wrote:
Where I'm coming from is that in portable shell programming, you _can't_
assign a value to f()=...  The fact that portable
programs are now "slammed"[sic] with the notion that some values cannot be
portably assigned to a variable...
slammed?  It's not like this is new...

Not much more secure, but ..'ƒ(8-byte-crypto-hex-sig)'
        Ya think?

        I mean isn't the world held together by duct-tape, bailing-
wire and bash (or -compat) scripts?  Anyway, it was also meant
as a "if you really are serious about solving this and don't care
about the overhead or inconvenience..." illustration of panic-driven

Eric Blake wrote:
It's not backwards compatible, but who cares? only matters
if you are mixing old and new bash...
But the old bash behavior is so bad that people are unlikely to want to have both shells installed.
Oh come on... "so bad"?

As other have said:

   «Geir Hauge wrote: Bash has had this feature since "forever"»

   «Pierre Gaston wrote:  How many instance have you found since the
    introduction of this feature more than 20 years ago?»

This behavior has been around for 20+ without it being judged "so bad",
so lets not be tempted toward knee-jerk reactions.  That it is now known
about makes some protections more urgent, but panicking over security fixes
often results in stupid knee-jerk "fixes"[sic] that only need to be
re-fixed [fixed] later on.

That it is a bug that should be fixed, no argument.
Your idea of using "f()=" in the ENV is sounds reasonable (though
not nearly so elegant as using the unicode 'function' symbol, 'ƒ' instead of
empty parens, in memory (ENV) -- not as to what a user would type.
The '()' is already overloaded w/meaning, "null set", or "empty array
assignment", depending on context.

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