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Re: Bash-4.3 Official Patch 25

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Bash-4.3 Official Patch 25
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 06:17:01 -0600
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On 09/26/2014 06:05 AM, Greg Wooledge wrote:

> HP-UX 10.20 (which is from 1994, and was end-of-lifed many years ago)
> only has a Bourne shell in /usr/old/bin/sh.  It's not used in normal
> operations.  The /bin/sh on HP-UX is basically a stripped-down ksh.
> Unfortunately it's a bit tricky to test whether the Bourne shell would
> dump core on a malformed environment variable, because /usr/bin/env
> refuses to put such a thing into the environment:
> imadev:~$ env 'name()=() {' /usr/old/bin/sh -c 'echo hello'
> name()=() {: is not an identifier
> I'm not in the mood to write a C program to work around that.

GNU coreutils can be installed on HP-UX, and its 'env' can put such a
thing into the environment.  Or writing such a C program is rather
simple.  But I don't blame you for not worrying about it - it's a museum
system, and we should be worried more about modern systems at this point
in time.

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