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y.tab.c inclusion within the source tree

From: Mark Goldfinch
Subject: y.tab.c inclusion within the source tree
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 12:49:51 +1300

Hi everyone,

Can someone clarify to me why y.tab.c is included within the bash source
tree if it is generated from parse.y?

If one looks in the FreeBSD ports tree, they're deliberately taking the
initiative to touch parse.y to ensure that y.tab.c is always rebuilt.

Seeing that it appears likely we're going to encounter more parser bugs
which need patching, I suspect one of two approaches should be taken:

1) Remove y.tab.c from the original tarball, and ensure the clean method
within Makefile removes it
2) Take the FreeBSD ports tree approach and ensure Makefile always performs
a touch on parse.y.

I appreciate that we now have patches flying around which look to patch
y.tab.c directly - but this seems wrong and an unnecessary duplication.  If
y.tab.c's timestamp ends up being newer than parse.y, a patch which
(correctly) only patches parse.y, at best build failures will result, at
worst a bash build which is thought to address problems, won't.



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