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Re: PROMPT_COMMAND='history -a; history -n' causes shell hang in OX 10.1

From: Piotr Grzybowski
Subject: Re: PROMPT_COMMAND='history -a; history -n' causes shell hang in OX 10.10 Yosemite / bash 3.2.53
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 07:03:49 +0100

On Nov 6, 2014 3:25 AM, "Chet Ramey" <chet.ramey@case.edu> wrote:
> On 11/4/14 5:16 PM, Piotr Grzybowski wrote:
> >  Chet: for reasons unexplained calls to read_history_range at [..]
> There is an issue with this particular, relatively infrequent, set of
> circumstances [..]

Thanks a lot Chet, seems that this was exactly what happened, although, at
the moment, I cannot reproduce it. I can git revert to my previous
.bash_history :) and then try again.
It also would seem that what Graham sees is something differrent.

> There are a couple of ways to fix it: one that uses facilities the history
> library provides today and one that changes the history library to expose
> the values more directly.  One will appear in the next snapshot.

thanks a lot!

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