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Re: Multiline prompt problems with long commands

From: Kamil Neczaj
Subject: Re: Multiline prompt problems with long commands
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 08:45:58 +0000


Thank you very much for the hint. It looks like all my problems with bash


2014-11-04 20:01 GMT+00:00 Chris Down <chris@chrisdown.name>:

> Kamil Neczaj writes:
>> Thank you for your response! I modified this prompt couple of times,
>> probably that's why it's like this. Anyway, I don't think this should
>> cause
>> the problem. The PS1 variable is the one I use. I wanted to copy it here
>> to
>> have exactly the example which I know that causes problems for sure.
> Why don't you think this could cause the problem? You're missing the zero
> width leader/terminator for that section, bash doesn't know how long your
> prompt is (and thus when to wrap) without it.
> Did you actually *try* the suggested fix before you replied?

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