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Re: No logging when SSH with SYSLOG_HISTORY

From: Wladislav Wiebe
Subject: Re: No logging when SSH with SYSLOG_HISTORY
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:22:41 +0100
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got it - just created a new rule in rsyslogd :

if $syslogtag startswith '-bash' then {

so no issue anymore.

WBR, Wladislav Wiebe

On 24.11.2014 15:43, Wladislav Wiebe wrote:

for some reason is this bash logging feature only working when the bash is a
"bash", but in case it is a "-bash" it doesn't start logging.

Means, a simple use case:
ssh user@somemachine

$ echo $0

(no bash logging so far)

when typing "bash"
$ bash
$ echo $0

--> now logging works.

Any reason why it doesn't start logging directly?
Or an idea how I can fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance!
WBR, Wladislav Wiebe

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