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Re: bash 4.3: "Clear Scrollback and Reset" (Ctrl-Shift-X) in konsole sto

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: bash 4.3: "Clear Scrollback and Reset" (Ctrl-Shift-X) in konsole stopped to work as expected when upgrading from upstream bash 4.2 to upstream bash 4.3
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2014 15:32:28 -0700
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Askar Safin wrote:
> Okey, so, Chet, what will you say about resizing bug? Is this a bug?
> At this moment I doesn't ask where (readline or konsole) this bug
> resides. I'm just asking: is this a bug? Or "long line doesn't move
> on resize" is intended behavior?

In my opinion the bug is in your expectations.  You are asking the
terminal emulator to clear the screen history.  It does.  This
includes the prompt too.  It does exactly what you asked.  There isn't
any surprise.  You see the screen and know its state before the action
and know whether it is displaying a prompt or whether it is currently
running a program.  You clear the screen.  The screen is cleared.
There is no prompt but you should know that in order to get a prompt
all you need to do is hit Enter or Control-l and bash will print
another prompt which will then be displayed.  Or you could type in a
command right then regardless.  And of course it might be running a
program and not at the bash prompt so whatever happens must work
reasonably with any program.

However you are expecting that after instructing the terminal to clear
screen history that bash should emit a new prompt.  I think that is an
unreasonable expectation.  There hasn't ever been a communication
interface for doing such a thing.  One could be created.  But if so
then that would be a *new* interface.


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