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Re: address@hidden: Re: Type-in programs using BASH]

From: Ryan Cunningham
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: Type-in programs using BASH]
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 08:47:33 -0800

All right, maybe I can discuss it with the right people when I have the time. 
But for now, let's stop the discussion here.

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> On Jan 27, 2015, at 7:46 AM, Eduardo A. Bustamante López <address@hidden> 
> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 06:11:37AM -0800, Ryan Cunningham wrote:
>> And by "type-in programs" in the message to which I am replying, I mean 
>> those published in source code form.
> Please, stop it. We're not interested in hearing about your get back to the
> '80s stuff, and this discussion does NOT belong in a technical mailing list
> like bug-bash.
> Consider using other means to promote your ideas. So far, the only thing 
> you've
> managed is to spam this list with nonsense.

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