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Re: Proposed Prompt Escapes

From: isabella parakiss
Subject: Re: Proposed Prompt Escapes
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 05:49:46 +0100

On 11/19/15, Ángel González <angel@16bits.net> wrote:
> Dennis Williamson wrote:
>> Do you mean something like:
>> PS1='$SECONDS '
> Not exactly. $SECONDS is the number of seconds since the shell was
> started. I am interested in the seconds elapsed by the last command.
> It is a hacky solution, but it could be done with:
>> PS1=''; PROMPT_COMMAND='printf "%s " $SECONDS; SECONDS=0'

You need to reset it right before the command is executed, PROMPT_COMMAND
is evaluated when the prompt is drawn, before you type your command.
A debug trap is better suited, but you have to make sure that it's only
executed once in a complex line.

Something along these lines should work:

trap '((!debug_trap++))&&SECONDS=0' debug
PS1='$SECONDS \$ '

xoxo iza

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