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Re: probs making bash-4.4(+ patches)

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: probs making bash-4.4(+ patches)
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 09:48:16 -0500
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On 11/15/16 4:12 PM, L. A. Walsh wrote:
> Still having probs building bash-4.4 -- trying first, the builtin
> version of readline, and on running got:

I don't have your inputrc to verify, of course, but I will note that:

> readline: ~/.inputrc: line 6: history-size=-1: unknown variable name
> readline: ~/.inputrc: line 35: completion-prefix-display-length=256:
> unknown variable name

The readline variable assignment syntax doesn't include `='; it's just
`set variable value'.

> readline: ~/.inputrc: line 37: expand-tilda: unknown variable name

`tilde' is misspelled.

> readline: ~/.inputrc: line 42: quoted-insert: unknown variable name
> readline: ~/.inputrc: line 44: tab-insert: unknown variable name

These are not readline variables; they're bindable command names.

It's likely that these have been problems for a long time; the code to
warn about unknown variable names is new in readline-7.0. It came into
the devel branch in January, 2016.

> Ishtar:tools/bash/bash-4.4> echo $BASH_VERSION
> 4.4.5(1)-release
> -------
> Next I tried using installed readline (libreadline.so.6.2 **1)
> and got an error in the final link step:

You can't link bash-4.4 against any readline version except 7.0; there will
be undefined symbols because bash-4.4 takes advantage of new readline

> ---------------------------
> (3rd try)
> Next I tried prepending the dir w/readline-7.0 to the
> LDFLAGS but the patch for libreadline/history.c didn't make it
> into the readline sources:
>>  bash
> User law's .bashrc called 2nd time
> bash: xmalloc: cannot allocate 8589934608 bytes (3088384 bytes allocated)

You're right, I haven't released a readline patch yet.  That comes next.


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