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Re: [here string] uncompatible change on here string function

From: PePa
Subject: Re: [here string] uncompatible change on here string function
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 08:17:21 +0700
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On 11/23/2017 02:23 AM, Chet Ramey wrote:
The bash-4.2 man page defers the description of here strings to the
description of here documents. The lines in a here document do not undergo
word splitting.  It was a bug in bash-4.2 that the WORD in a here string
was split.

This finally got fixed in bash-4.4, as described by this CHANGES entry:

z.  Bash no longer splits the expansion of here-strings, as the documentation
     has always said.

I would think it is useful (and according to how things work in general) to have a different behavior for <<<"$a" and <<<$a

If one wants to have all line-breaks, spaces and tabs preserved, use <<<"$a" otherwise use <<<$a


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