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Re: Unset array doesn't work

From: Nikolai Kondrashov
Subject: Re: Unset array doesn't work
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 10:05:47 +0200
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On 02/12/2018 10:03 AM, Clark Wang wrote:
On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 3:23 PM, Nikolai Kondrashov <address@hidden 
<mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

        Take a look at these links:

           - http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/commands/builtin/unset 
           - http://www.fvue.nl/wiki/Bash:_Passing_variables_by_reference 

    Thanks, Clark! However, I find it difficult to follow the explanation at the
    first link and even more difficult to connect it to this case. So I'm not 
    I'm getting it right. Could you maybe explain what exactly happens in the 
    I posted?

Your code:

     inner() {
         unset res
         if [[ $1 == "set" ]]; then

     outer() {
         local res=
         inner "$1"
         echo "res: address@hidden"

The "unset" in inner() actually unsets the "res" in outer() and the
following assignment (to res[0] and res[1]) is actually assigning to the
global var "res". And in outer(), after calling inner(), its local "res" is
gone and it also referencing to the global var "res".

With 2 "unset" commands, even the global "res" is unset.

Thank you, that explains it wonderfully. Sorry for being lazy and not figuring
it out myself. Now I need to craft a fix :)


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