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[BUG] 'unset' fails silently under specific conditions

From: Martijn Dekker
Subject: [BUG] 'unset' fails silently under specific conditions
Date: Tue, 1 May 2018 18:45:43 +0200
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Op 26-04-18 om 04:51 schreef Martijn Dekker:
I've also succeeded in making 'unset -v' fail silently for a variable that is so exported, but I've so far been unable to track down a specific reproducer that is simple enough to post here.

Here is that reproducer. The following appears to be the minimum necessary to consistently make 'unset' silently fail on bash 4.2.45, 4.3.30, 4.4.19 and current git. (I confirmed the bug is *not* present on bash 4.0.38, 3.2.48, 3.1.0, 3.0.16 and 2.05b.)

func1() {
  var=2 :       # or 'var=2 return', or another special builtin
func2() {
  unset -v var  # bug: fails silently
echo ${var+"BUG: still set"}

Output: 'BUG: still set'
Expected output: none

It appears that it must have one function calling another, and that other function having an assignment preceding a special builtin, for 'unset' to fail silently for the variable so assigned.


- M.

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