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Re: FIFO race condition on SunOS kernels

From: Vladimir Marek
Subject: Re: FIFO race condition on SunOS kernels
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2019 23:47:50 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/ (2013-10-16)


> You'd think that establishing a pipe between two processes is a very basic
> UNIX feature that should work reliably on all UNIX variants.

One would think that _opening_ a file is a very basic UNIX feature ...

> But the following script seems to break consistently on Solaris and variants
> (SunOS kernels) when executed by bash, ksh93, or dash. All it does is make
> 100 FIFOs and read a line from each -- it should be trivial.
> And it does work fine on (recent versions of) Linux, macOS, and all the
> BSDs, on all shells.

In a horror I have quickly tested on S11.3 SRU34 x86, S11.3 SRU18 sparc,
S11.4 FCS x86, S11.4 FCS sparc, S10 mostly FCS and even development
Solaris version. I have tested it on S11.3 SRU 35 on LDOM. In all cases
it prints lines

this is FIFO 1
this is FIFO 100

I haven't seen single issue. Then I tried VirtualBox. And it printed
only two lines. Trussing it it gets stuck at

1546/1:         open("/tmp/FIFOs1546/FIFO4", O_RDONLY|O_XPG4OPEN) (sleeping...)

That said, I do use VirtualBox 5.1.22r115126 which is pretty old.

Putting 0.5s delay anywhere in the loop makes the problem disappear.

Looking more closely at the truss output, I can see

5030/1:          4.142629    open("/var/tmp/FIFOs5030/FIFO7", 

and shortly after it gets stuck. Process 5030 is bash.

I don't have debug symbols right now, but I guess from disassembly that
we are in redir_open function. I have tried to protect the loop taking
into consideration both EINTR and ERESTART, but that didn't help.

Let's try to look into kernel.

$ mdb -k
> 0t1775::pid2proc|::whatthread|::findstack
stack pointer for thread ffffa1002910c840: ffffe33001d95990
[ ffffe33001d95990 _resume_from_idle+0x192() ]
  ffffe33001d959c0 swtch+0x19d()
  ffffe33001d95a30 cv_wait_sig_swap_core+0x19c()
  ffffe33001d95a50 cv_wait_sig_swap+0x18()
  ffffe33001d95ae0 fifo_open+0x43e()
  ffffe33001d95b60 fop_open+0x18f()
  ffffe33001d95d50 vn_openat+0x974()
  ffffe33001d95ec0 copen+0x4fd()
  ffffe33001d95ef0 openat+0x31()
  ffffe33001d95f00 sys_syscall+0x247()

Hmm, so we are waiting on a condition. That needs to be investigated
deeper. It would be great if you could open a case for this as we have
to prioritize our work ...

At the moment it looks like a bug in Solaris to me, but it shows only on
VirtualBox. I'll try to look at it more. Or rather to find out someone
who knows the filesystems code.


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