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Re: ulimit call lists invalid options

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: ulimit call lists invalid options
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 00:46:38 -0700
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On 2019/07/29 22:09, Robert Elz wrote:

> Whether bash ought limit its usage output option list to those
> options supported on the system it is running on, or whether it
> is better to list everything it knows about (either my, or your,
> system might have more limits bash knows nothing about) is a
> judgement call - neither answer will be right for everyone.
It isn't a judgment call to list only the options it supports on a given
system.  I'd think that would be clear.  If not at runtime, then
certainly when the bash binary is built, the options for the system
it will run on can be tested so the bash binary is configured for the
system it is running on.

> The modified script (using shell idioms, rather that
> whatever language you were trying to emulate):
    I was not emulating any language, nor was I writing for your
approval.  I was going for a minimal script to show the error case
in bash script.

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