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memleak in execute_function?

From: fireshen
Subject: memleak in execute_function?
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 08:26:52 -0700 (MST)

Hey all, 

I suspect there is a memleak in bash.

I use the bash 4.4.23 (fedora Linux) with ASAN. Then I run some testcases
and find a memleak.


I think we need to free this "gs" in execute_cmd.c

*gs* = sh_getopt_save_istate ();
  if (subshell == 0)
      begin_unwind_frame ("function_calling");
      push_context (var->name, subshell, temporary_env);
      /* This has to be before the pop_context(), because the unwinding of
         local variables may cause the restore of a local declaration of
         OPTIND to force a getopts state reset. */
      add_unwind_protect (maybe_restore_getopt_state, *gs*);
      add_unwind_protect (pop_context, (char *)NULL);
      unwind_protect_int (line_number);
      unwind_protect_int (line_number_for_err_trap);
      unwind_protect_int (function_line_number);
      unwind_protect_int (return_catch_flag);
      unwind_protect_jmp_buf (return_catch);
      add_unwind_protect (dispose_command, (char *)tc);
      unwind_protect_pointer (this_shell_function);
      unwind_protect_int (funcnest);
      unwind_protect_int (loop_level);
    push_context (var->name, subshell, temporary_env);  /* don't
unwind-protect for subshells */

Is this a bug? Just analyze the code.

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