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Re: compgen -F

From: Муравьев Александр
Subject: Re: compgen -F
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:55:22 +0300
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What does `works' mean here,
It means to work like "compgen -c pin", or like

_completion_loader ping; COMP_WORDS=(ping); COMP_CWORD=1; _known_hosts; declare -p COMPREPLY
or somehow else get possible completion results.

and what are you trying to do with this patch?
I am trying to provide "pcomp_line" buffer which "gen_compspec_completion" function expect to be. Normally when we just press <TAB> after "ping ", "pcomp_line" is provided by "programmable_completions" function (it assign the buffer pointer to line buffer). This function is called from "attempt_shell_completion" function according to special logic which it consists (it determines whether programmable completion is needed).

On the other hand, "compgen" realization function ("compgen_builtin") just set pcom_line buffer pointer to NULL. Consequently, no programmable completion is possible in this case, because "pcomp_line" buffer is necessary. The buffer is parsed in "gen_compspec_completions" in order to bind variables like "COMP_WORDS", which are used in programmable completions bash scripts in /usr/share/bash-completion/.

Hope I said clearly. It is second language for me.

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