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Re: apparent inconsistencies in readline documentation

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: apparent inconsistencies in readline documentation
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 16:09:22 -0400
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On 7/25/20 12:21 PM, Daniel Molina wrote:
> Hi,
> I found some aspects of readline documentation that seem inconsistent to
> me and I wanted to share them.
> 1. The difference between backward-kill-line and unix-line-discard
> readline commands.
> Documentation states:
>        backward-kill-line (C-x Rubout)
>               Kill backward to the beginning of the line.
>        unix-line-discard (C-u)
>               Kill backward from point to the  beginning  of  the 
> line.   The
>               killed text is saved on the kill-ring.
> In both cases they kill from the point and killed text is saved in the
> kill-ring.

The difference is what happens with numeric arguments. Maybe that is what
should be added to the backward-kill-line description.

> 2. Default key sequences vs. emacs key bindings [the default].
> It is confusing to me that there are two defaults. Firstly, it can be read:
>            The  following  is  a list of the names of the commands and
>     the default
>            key sequences to which they are bound.  Command names without
>     an accom‐
>            panying key sequence are unbound by default.
> On the other hand, emacs editing command are default:
>     readline  offers  editing  capabilities  while the user is entering the
>            line.  By default, the line editing commands are similar  to 
>     those  of
>            emacs.  A vi-style line editing interface is also available.
> An explicit list of emacs commands is maintained and commands do not
> always coincide (both being valid defaults in practice). For example,
> instead of C-x Rubout for backward-kill-line, emacs has
>              "C-XC-?"  backward-kill-line

Rubout/DEL[ete]/C-? are the same key.

> 3. Key-bindings in the emacs/vi list are written with capital letters
> (C-A), but not in the section with the description (C-a).

It's a writing convention. The behavior doesn't differ. Are there places
where this convention is used inconsistently?

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