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[PATCH] fc: trim range instead of erroring out

From: Martijn Dekker
Subject: [PATCH] fc: trim range instead of erroring out
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2020 16:59:57 +0100
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As I use/try/test many shells, I'm in the habit of using POSIX commands such as 'fc -l 1' to list the complete history.

If there have been more than $HISTSIZE command, the list is trimmed at the beginning without renumbering, and bash errors out:

$ fc -l 1
bash-5.0: fc: history specification out of range

This is different from every other shell, and also looks like it's contrary to the POSIX spec:
| When a range of commands is used, it shall not be an error to specify
| first or last values that are not in the history list; fc shall
| substitute the value representing the oldest or newest command in the
| list, as appropriate. For example, if there are only ten commands in
| the history list, numbered 1 to 10:
| fc -l
| fc 1 99
| shall list and edit, respectively, all ten commands.

The attached patch removes the error and limits the range to available commands as specified.

- Martijn

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