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Bug with new lines

From: Шкіпер Десна
Subject: Bug with new lines
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2020 22:05:24 +0300

If I use something like `user@localhost:/folder$ echo -n 123`, then in a
new line before 'user...' I see '123', but it's yet normal, but if I use
something like `user@localhost:/folder$ echo -n $(echo 123)` or
`user@localhost:/folder$ printf %s 123`, it may seem that everything is in
order, but if I tap up (to copy previous command) and then tap down (to
back), Bash will leave from start so many chars, like 'user@localhost:/folder$
' has, i.e., I'll get 'user@localhost:/folde'. The only way to repair it is
to press "enter". If I just press up after `user@localhost:/folder$ printf
%s 123`, then nothing unusual happens — it appends the previous command
after '...$ ', like usual ('123' in the beginning doesn't disappear). If I
tap it again, some many times, again nothing unusual, but once it will cut
the ending of 'user@localhost:/folder$ '. I don't know exactly where the
logic is. If I tap up twice or more, but the ending yes hasn't been
clipped,  I can tap down and it won't be clipped, for except the last tap,
when I get the current command.
Best regards,
Shkiper Desna.

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