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Re: Incorrect / Inconsistent behavior with nameref assignments in functi

From: Koichi Murase
Subject: Re: Incorrect / Inconsistent behavior with nameref assignments in functions
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 08:46:27 +0900

2020-08-28 22:04 Binarus <lists@binarus.de>:
> Description:
> ------------
> Under certain circumstances, assignments of namerefs to local variables
> in functions behaves in a way which makes namerefs completely useless.
> Furthermore, the behavior is not consistent.

This is actually not related to namerefs and has already been fixed in
Bash 5.1 and the devel branch.  Think about the following codes:

  a=1; f1() { local a=$a; local; }; f1
  a=2; f2() { local -a a=("$a"); local; }; f2

The results for `f1' are the same for all the Bash versions
2.0..devel, but the results for `f2' varies in versions.  Here is the
summary of the results from the different versions of Bash:

- 2.0..3.0: f1: a=1, f2: a=([0]="1")
- 3.1:      f2: a=1, f2: a=([0]="")
- 3.2..4.2: f1: a=1, f2: a=([0]="1")
- 4.3..5.0: f1: a=1, f2: a=([0]="")
- 5.1..dev: f1: a=1, f2: a=([0]="1")

I checked the detailed changes.  The behavior of `f2' in 3.1 was
reported as a bug in the following thread.


It was fixed in 8b35878f (commit bash-20060504 snapshot).  However,
the bug seems to be introduced again in 36eb585c (commit bash-20121221
snapshot).  This regression has been reported at


Finally, it was again fixed in c6c7ae81 (commit bash-20200427


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