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Re: obscure bug "extern void free (void *__ptr) __attribute__ ((__nothro

From: Mathias Steiger
Subject: Re: obscure bug "extern void free (void *__ptr) __attribute__ ((__nothrow__ , __leaf__));"
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 22:27:54 +0100
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If you read the the rest of the bug report, it might become clearer to you.

Suppose I wrote a simple script:

    {if echo "27ac5e2f757302" >& /dev/null; then echo "yes"; else echo "no"; fi } > output

and then the file "output" would contain:

    "extern void free (void *__ptr) __attribute__ ((__nothrow__ , __leaf__)); 27ac5e2f757302 yes"

This is more or less what is happening here.

Do you believe that could be an error in my script? If yes, how so?

How could the word "27ac5e2f757302" possibly end up in the file "output"?

Where does the mysterious line "extern void free (void *__ptr) __attribute__ ((__nothrow__ , __leaf__));" come from? A line that is not contained in the script or the rest of the code.

On 1/21/21 8:19 PM, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 1/21/21 1:11 PM, Mathias Steiger wrote:

Bash Version: 5.1 (Archlinux: core/bash 5.1.004-1)
Patch Level: 4
Release Status: release


An Autoconf configure script does fail, because some file it generated does unexpectedly contain output from some command it called in an if-statement that had output directed to >& /dev/null . Various alterations to the script do produce strange outcomes.

Shouldn't you report this to bug-autoconf?

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