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Feature Request: scanf-like parsing

From: William Park
Subject: Feature Request: scanf-like parsing
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 00:29:20 -0500
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Another feature request:

To parse out simple thing like IP components, you can do something like
    IFS=. read a b c d <<< ""

But, if data are buried in a mess, then it's very labour-intensive to
dig them out.  It might be useful to have scanf()-like feature, where
stdin or string are read and parsed according to the usual format
string.  I guess, it would actually be sscanf(), since 'read' builtin
reads a line first.  Since you're dealing with strings, only %s, %c, and
%[] are sufficient.

Where it would be used:
    - everywhere, really everywhere.  

    - You can concentrate on "business logic", and less time on

William Park <opengeometry@yahoo.ca>

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