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another mail try for the hang 100% cpu alias run bug

From: Alex fxmbsw7 Ratchev
Subject: another mail try for the hang 100% cpu alias run bug
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 01:01:51 +0100

i cannot exclude it'd be my bug ( again ) but i dunno i have no choise than
trying to present the hanger to you folks to fix it
if you'd unpack ogt1.tgz ull find ogt1/ and some dirs and scripts, the code
from the other paste didnt change, i just try to explain it so you dont
have a that hard time tyring to figure this issue

ogt1/ogt is the main linker script that binds via aliases/+alias aliases
from file named content, and +kw for assoc array keywords to eval system
then ok till now, then i go test the aliases/kws code that evals per
keyword, but it hangs right after the first line that says some_value=-1
what would follow is the while [[ -v some_var[++some_value ]] loop for
... the =-1 appears, then hangs, no other set -x output

included is also to the archive the kws alias code, maybe you can see an
error, maybe not, :))

to explain the assoc array system a bit deeper:
s=subsep ; namespace=empty
arr[ <namespace> <s> kw <s> <keyword> ] should expand to an id useable for:
arr[ <namespace> <s> <id> <take|code> ] = value

and in kws simply eval the code part
its not much finished but its very far

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