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[PATCH] 4.0..devel: fix a problem that unset 'a[`echo 0`]' causes "bad a

From: Koichi Murase
Subject: [PATCH] 4.0..devel: fix a problem that unset 'a[`echo 0`]' causes "bad array subscript" error
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2021 11:48:32 +0900

[ I initially intended to submit this report after the previous report
at https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-bash/2021-10/msg00051.html
has been settled.  I decided to submit this patch now because a
problem related to this report is mentioned in the above thread.  Note
that this patch bases on the code after applying the patches provided
at the previous report. ]

Bash Version:
  All the versions from 4.0 to devel are affected.  The problem should
  be reproduced independent of the machine type.


  « unset -v 'a[`echo 0`]' » fails because the first character « ` »
  of the subscript « `echo 0` » is skipped when checking the ending of
  the array subscript.

  This is caused by the mismatching of the assumptions on the
  arguments of `unbind_array_reference (var,sub,flags)' and
  `skipsubscript (string,start,flags)'.  The former assumes `sub'
  starts from the next character after `[` while the latter assumes
  that `string[start]' starts from `[` itself.  However,
  `unbind_array_reference' directly passes `sub' to `skipsubscript'.


  $ bash -c "a=(); unset 'a[\`echo [0]\`]'"
  bash: line 0: unset: a[`echo [0]`]: bad array subscript

  This is caused by the mismatching of the assumption on the argument
  of `unbind_array_reference' (arrayfunc.c:1062) and the argument of
  `skipsubscript' (subst.c:1845).

  The function `unbind_array_reference' assumes that the second
  argument SUB points to just after the beginning `[' as described in
  the comment of the function (arrayfunc.c:1054):

  > /* This function is called with SUB pointing to just after the beginning
  >    `[' of an array subscript and removes the array element to which SUB
  >    expands from array VAR.  A subscript of `*' or `@' unsets the array. */
  > [...]
  > int
  > unbind_array_element (var, sub, flags)

  In this function, another function `skipsubscript' is called as

  > len = skipsubscript (sub, 0, (flags&VA_NOEXPAND) | 2); /* XXX */

  The function `skipsubscript' calls another function `skip_matched_pair'

  > int
  > skipsubscript (string, start, flags)
  >      const char *string;
  >      int start, flags;
  > {
  >   return (skip_matched_pair (string, start, '[', ']', flags));

  The function `skip_matched_pair' assumes that `string[start]' points
  to the beginning `[' itself:

  > /* This function assumes s[i] == open; returns with s[ret] == close; used to
  >    parse array subscripts.  FLAGS & 1 means to not attempt to skip over
  >    matched pairs of quotes or backquotes, or skip word expansions; it is
  >    intended to be used after expansion has been performed and during final
  >    assignment parsing (see arrayfunc.c:assign_compound_array_list()) or
  >    during execution by a builtin which has already undergone word
expansion. */
  > static int
  > skip_matched_pair (string, start, open, close, flags)

  which is inconsistent with the assumption of
  `unbind_array_reference' that `sub' points to the next character of
  the beginning `['.


  In the attached patch, I added a new flag 2 in the `flags` argument
  of `skipsubscript', which indicates that `string[start]' points to
  the next character after the beginning delimiter `open' (`[' in this

  Now, the bit `2' of the argument `flags' of `skipsubscript
  (var,sub,flags)' will change the behavior.  Also,
  `array_variable_name (s,flags,subp,lenp)' and `array_variable_part
  (s,flags,subp,lenp)' indirectly calls `skipsubscript' by directly
  passing its argument `flags'.  I have checked all the existing calls
  of these functions and confirmed that currently the arguments are
  always `0' or `1' and never contains the bit `2', so the existing
  behavior will not change.

  Then, I added the bit `2' in the call of `skipsubscript' from
  `unbind_array_reference'.  I also changed the argument `flags' of
  the call of `skipsubscript' in `array_variable_name' with `flags &
  1' because `array_variable_name' explicitly searches for the
  beginning `[' and pass its position to `skipsubscript'.

  I also updated the comments of the functions.  If you think we
  should define constants for these flags such as `#define
  2', I can adjust the patch.


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