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[Bug ld/1150] undefined reference to `_mpi_sgi_init'

From: michael at weiser dot dinsnail dot net
Subject: [Bug ld/1150] undefined reference to `_mpi_sgi_init'
Date: 13 Nov 2005 18:01:44 -0000

------- Additional Comments From michael at weiser dot dinsnail dot net  
2005-11-13 18:01 -------
Created an attachment (id=757)
 --> (http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=757&action=view)
attempt to extend optional symbol support to shared libraries

Hi Nick,

using the above test case I tracked down the place in elflink.c where the
symbol os is reported as undefined when localed in a shared library. The
attached patch hacks elflink.c to check for STO_OPTIONAL in h->other. This
makes the test case work with both native IRIX and Mac OS X cross binutils:

address@hidden ot2]$ make bu
        /home/michael/binutils-2.16.1/build/ld/ld-new -melf64bmip -rpath `pwd`
-L`pwd` -o ot-noopt-bu /usr/lib64/mips4/crt1.o otm.o /usr/lib64/mips4/crtn.o
-lot -lc
        /home/michael/binutils-2.16.1/build/ld/ld-new -melf64bmip -rpath `pwd`
-L`pwd` -o otw-noopt-bu /usr/lib64/mips4/crt1.o otm.o /usr/lib64/mips4/crtn.o
-lot -lc
        [ -x ot-opt-bu ] && ./ot-opt-bu
*** Error code 73 (bu21) (ignored)
        [ -x ot-noopt-bu ] && ./ot-noopt-bu
*** Error code 255 (bu21) (ignored)
        [ -x otw-opt-bu ] && ./otw-opt-bu
*** Error code 73 (bu21) (ignored)
        [ -x otw-noopt-bu ] && ./otw-noopt-bu
*** Error code 255 (bu21) (ignored)

I'm not sure what other consequences just ignoring STO_OPTIONAL symbols in
elflink.c has. And certainly the patch ignores all internal APIs regarding
callbacks and format/platform abstraction. But it seems to be a step towards
making it work [tm]. ;)

Hope you have some more time to look into this.



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