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[Bug gas/994] section switch in function causes segfault

From: wilson at specifix dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/994] section switch in function causes segfault
Date: 23 Nov 2005 03:25:46 -0000

------- Additional Comments From wilson at specifix dot com  2005-11-23 03:25 
I spent some time looking at this, and I'm giving up.   I'm just making this a
hard error.  If someone else wants to try to make this work, good luck.

There are a number of problems here.  The .endp is ending up in the wrong frag,
because we are in the wrong section.  Switching back to the text section before
the .endp doesn't help though, as there are other problems.  We still have a
break in the frag chain.  The code in subsegs.c creates a list of frags, one for
each text section.  The code in tc-ia64.c assumes that all frags except the last
one have been "fix"ed.  However, with subsegs, we can have multiple un"fix"ed
frags.  Then there are larger problems such as how to manage code in multiple
text sections given that the current assembler unwind support only knows how to
handle one section at a time.  Plus the fact that the compiler isn't emitting
any sensible unwind info for the other text sections.  The problems here are far
beyond the scope of what I can do, other than just emit an error.

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