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[Bug binutils/2467] "ar q" / ranlib has large memory use (linear in arch

From: dcoutts at gentoo dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/2467] "ar q" / ranlib has large memory use (linear in archive size)
Date: 17 Mar 2006 17:16:01 -0000

------- Additional Comments From dcoutts at gentoo dot org  2006-03-17 17:15 
To try and make this patch less of a hack I tried this:

add a new _bfd_generic_bfd_free_cached_info and in libbfd.h change the
#define _bfd_generic_bfd_free_cached_info bfd_true
to a proper prototype:
bfd_boolean _bfd_generic_bfd_free_cached_info (bfd *);

Then in libbfd.c I added the implementaion:

_bfd_generic_bfd_free_cached_info (bfd *abfd) {
        bfd_hash_table_free (&abfd->section_htab);
        objalloc_free ((struct objalloc *) abfd->memory);
        return TRUE;

So I need someone else woh knows about bfd to say if this code is appropriate
for the generic implementation or if it's only appropriate for some
targets/backends. Also I don't know if this would mess up other users of
bfd_free_cached_info, though as far as I can see it's only called from 



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