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[Bug ld/2729] ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]

From: mkoeppe at gmx dot de
Subject: [Bug ld/2729] ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]
Date: 8 Jun 2006 19:53:50 -0000

------- Additional Comments From mkoeppe at gmx dot de  2006-06-08 19:53 -------
The libraries I copied from the self extracting archive
SFU35SEL_EN.exe which can be obtained from here (you need a MS passport 

>From this archive I copied
BaseUtils/usr/lib/*  and  SDK/usr/lib/*  to
(You need to make the symlinks manually, symlinks in the sfx archive
are shown as small regular files)

There is a new interix version (5.2) included in W2K3R2.
The tools for that can be obtained from here (no passport needed):
Utilities and SDK for UNIX-based Applications_X86.exe

With these files, ld segfaults nevertheless.



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