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[Bug binutils/4970] new library handling in binutils causes trouble with

From: vapier at gentoo dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/4970] new library handling in binutils causes trouble with --enable-shared
Date: 28 Sep 2007 19:25:22 -0000

------- Additional Comments From vapier at gentoo dot org  2007-09-28 19:25 
2.18 is still broken and i dont think cvs head has any changes to indicate this
being fixed

here's the thread on the mailing list with a bit more info:

what you described is the problem (except for the cross-binutils part, it doesnt
matter what the target is, but that too would be a problem)

the way to reproduce is:
 - build/install binutils like normal except add --enable-shared to configure
 - build/install binutils again with --enable-shared, and it'll fail during the
compile stages

my fix for the problem would be to not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all ... i dont
know why it's needed, but it certainly isnt so the freshly compiled binaries can
find the freshly compiled libraries -- the fact that we're using libtool means
this is already taken care of



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