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[Bug gas/12049] Unnecessary relaxation

From: rafael dot espindola at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/12049] Unnecessary relaxation
Date: 1 Oct 2010 15:39:03 -0000

------- Additional Comments From rafael dot espindola at gmail dot com  
2010-10-01 15:39 -------
A slightly more interesting testcase:

        .fill 56, 1, 0x90
        jne     .LBB0_43
        .fill 10, 1, 0x90
        jne     .LBB0_43
        .fill 5, 1, 0x90
        .align  16, 0x90
        .fill 118, 1, 0x90

gas is producing two 6 bytes jne. Chang the first one with a .fill 6,1,0x90 and
the second one becomes a 2 bytes jne



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