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[bug-binutils] Inconsistencies in symbol mapping output from 'ld'

From: Brad Mouring
Subject: [bug-binutils] Inconsistencies in symbol mapping output from 'ld'
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 11:26:42 -0600

Using a couple of different toolchains (the default x86 2.20.1 ld 
installed in Ubuntu and clones, a pre-built third-party ARM cross compile 
toolchain's 2.19.51) results in the same, inconsistent behavior regarding 
outputting symbol mapping information.

Basically, when I pass -M to ls, it behaves as I'd expect with regards to 
the --demangle and --no-demangle options.  However, when using the 
-Map=FILENAME option, it seems to ignore --(no-)demangle, always 
outputting mangled symbols into the file requested.

Is this expected behavior?  If so, is there a mechanism (short of 
redirecting stdout to a file) to get mangled symbol information into a 

Brad Mouring
National Instruments

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