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[Bug gas/12390] binutils as accepts single '/' as if it were a comment

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/12390] binutils as accepts single '/' as if it were a comment
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 13:37:34 +0000


Nick Clifton <nickc at redhat dot com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEW                         |RESOLVED
                 CC|                            |nickc at redhat dot com
         Resolution|                            |FIXED

--- Comment #6 from Nick Clifton <nickc at redhat dot com> 2011-01-18 13:37:08 
UTC ---
Hi Guys,

  I agree with Hans-Peter.  The current line comment behaviour should not be
changed, but it should be documented on a per-target basis, rather than in the
generic documentation.  Hence I am going to check in the uploaded patch.  Since
the same reasoning applies to the line separator character as well, the patch
also updates the documentation with regard to this feature.


2011-01-18  Nick Clifton  <address@hidden>

    PR gas/12390
    * doc/all.texi: Add NS32K
    * doc/as.texinfo: Remove target specific details of which
    characters act as comment initiators and statement separators into
    individual target specific files.
    * doc/c-alpha.texi (Alpha-Chars): Document special behaviour of
    the hash character at the start of a line.
    * doc/c-arm.texi (ARM-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-avr.texi (AVR-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-d10v.texi (D10V-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-d30v.texi (D30V-Chars):    Likewise.
    * doc/c-mmix.texi (MMIX-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-s390.texi (s390 characters): Likewise.
    * doc/c-sh.texi (SH-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-sh64.texi (SH64-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-sparc.texi (SPARC-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-tic6x.texi (TIC6X Syntax): Likewise.
    * doc/c-xtensa.texi (Xtensa Syntax): Likewise.
    * doc/c-z80.texi (Z80-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-z8k.texi (Z8000-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-pdp11.texi (PDP11-Syntax): Document line separator character.
    * doc/c-arc.texi (ARC-Chars): Fill in this subsection.
    * doc/c-bfin.texi (Blackfin Syntax): Document line comment and
    line separator characters.
    * doc/c-cr16.texi (CR16 Syntax): Likewise.
    * doc/c-i386.texi (i386-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-i860.texi (i860-Chars):    Likewise.
    * doc/c-i960.texi (i960-Chars):    Likewise.
    * doc/c-ip2k.texi (IP2K-Chars):    Likewise.
    * doc/c-lm32.texi (LM32-Chars):    likewise.
    * doc/c-m32c.texi (M32C-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-m68hc11.texi (M68HC11-syntax): Likewise.
    * doc/c-m68k.texi (M68K-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-microblaze.texi (MicroBlaze-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-msp430.texi (MSP430-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-mt.texi (MT-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-ns32k.texi (NS32K-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-pj.texi (PJ-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-ppc.texi (PowerPC-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-rx.texi (RX-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-score.texi (SCORE-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-tic54x.texi (TIC54X-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-v850.texi (V850-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-vax.texi (VAX-Chars): Likewise.
    * doc/c-xc16x.texi (xc16x-Chars): Likewise.

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