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objdump on very large files

From: Michael Snyder
Subject: objdump on very large files
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 15:48:47 -0800


I have encountered a problem with objdump on elf files of greater than 
4 gigabytes size.  In an elf header dump (objdump -h), only 8 chars are
allowed for the file offset field, and this will overflow.

The relevant printf is in objdump.c::dump_section_header, vis:

  printf ("  %08lx  2**%u", (unsigned long) section->filepos,
          bfd_get_section_alignment (abfd, section));

Is there a way to get the total file size here, and if it is greater
than 4gig, to make this field wider?  I realize that it will then be
greater than 80 chars...

Michael Snyder

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