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Re: gas-2.20.90.pot errors

From: Jorma Karvonen
Subject: Re: gas-2.20.90.pot errors
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 20:41:26 +0300

2011/5/17, Nick Clifton <address@hidden>:
>> I do not understand this one. Should it be redefine, not undefine ?
> Actually no, "undefine" is correct.  The message occurs when the user
> has something like this in their assembler source code:
>    .unreq r1
> The ".unreq" pseudo-op is used to remove a register name alias that was
> created by an earlier ".req" pseudo-op.  But if the user tries to use it
> to undefine one of the standard register names then they receive the
> warning message shown above.  Here is an example of the correct
> operation of the .unreq pseudo-op:
>       arg1 .req r4
>       arg2 .req r5
>    foo:
>       add   arg2, arg1
>       rts
>       .unreq arg1
>       .unreq arg2
> So arg1 and arg are aliases for registers 4 and 5, and they are being
> used to make the code more readable.  But they are undefined at the end
> of the definition of function foo, so that they will not affect code
> later on in the source file.
> Perhaps a more understandable warning message would be:
>    "ignoring attempt to use .unreq on a fixed register name"
> What do you think ?

Yes, that is right. PLS, could you add this explanation as a comment
to the source code so that is shown in .pot file for the translators.

>> #: config/tc-ia64.c:6989
> [...]
>> "  -xauto\t\t  automagically remove dependency violations (default)\n"
> [...]
>> Should it be automatically here, not automagically (in -xauto) ?
> Yes and no.  "Automagically" is one of those computer geek puns.  It
> means "automatically and in a somewhat magical way".  It implies that
> not only will the feature happen without any user intervention, but also
> that it will do what the user wants without them even understanding how
> it works.
> When translating, treating "automagically" as if it were "automatically"
> is perfectly acceptable.
OK, here could some comment for translators be nice.

PLS, you could also add a patch for Finnish translation of gas:

Br, Jorma K.

> Cheers
>    Nick

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