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[Bug ld/21076] (cygwin) Output DLL import lookup/address tables are inco

From: afranchuk at lgsinnovations dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/21076] (cygwin) Output DLL import lookup/address tables are incorrect
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:11:04 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Alex <afranchuk at lgsinnovations dot com> ---

Thanks for the hint. I realize the difficulty not having a test case
represents. If I figure out exactly what is triggering it (but can't figure out
how to fix it) I'll make a minimal reproduction.

I will look where you suggested. I also found that looking at the various
_bfd_XXi_swap_* in bfd/peXXigen.c has been helpful. In particular, I see that
in _bfd_XXi_swap_sym_in, empty idata$4 and idata$5 sections are created, and
they are being created at the correct times after pe_ILF_build_a_bfd is called
for each DLL's symbols. So at that point at least, I can verify that it's not
as if the empty entries are simply being omitted.

Nothing obvious sticks out in _bfd_XXi_swam_sym_out either, which I thought
could be a likely place where the bug was residing.

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