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Re: A request to add information on gprofng

From: Ruud van der Pas
Subject: Re: A request to add information on gprofng
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 11:16:42 +0000

Hi Nick,

Thanks very much for the response and apologies for the delay in my
response. We were out yesterday. Trying to escape the heatwave hitting
us over here :-)

Please allow me to respond to Kurt's response to your email.

>     great

Yes! Thank you very much. It looks very good :-)

>> Probably - but you will have to ask the overseers@sourceware.org for that.
>> Unless you want it to be a sub-page of the binutils page that is. If you
>> do want to take this route then all you really need is write access to the
>> sourceware site and you can make your own changes.  (Ideally coordinating
>> with me... :-)
>     I did inquire with the overseers about what was possible approximately 
> two months ago and they suggested it would be best under binutils.
>     A few things we are thinking would help gprofng:
>         - a gprofng FAQ where questions could be answered and recorded for 
> users or developers
>         - pointers to useful gprofng presentations that were recorded by 
> conferences
>         - helpful info to support developers interested in porting gprofng to 
> new platforms
>     These would likely be asynchronously and incrementally changing as there 
> are new questions asked or new presentations
>     Do other binutils projects provide this sort of info somewhere?
>     If this might be too much we could ask for a savannah.org project page, 
> put this sort of info there,
>     and link to it from sourceware.org?

Thanks, Kurt.

We're very keen on making things as easy as possible for the gprofng users.
Providing the right information is a big part of that.

I also plan to produce some intro and how to video's (if my equipment does
not melt this week ;-). This would be a good place to include links to those
as well.

>     thank you!

I totally agree! We really appreciate your support, Nick!

Kind regards, Ruud

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