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[Bug gprofng/29477] Build failure on musl: collector_module.h:78:13: err

From: slyich at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gprofng/29477] Build failure on musl: collector_module.h:78:13: error: duplicate member ‘pwrite’
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 20:44:32 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Sergei Trofimovich <slyich at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Vladimir Mezentsev from comment #1)
> SIGEV_THREAD_ID is defined in /usr/include/bits/sigevent-consts.h on my OL8:
> % grep -ns SIGEV_THREAD_ID /usr/include/*/*
> /usr/include/asm-generic/siginfo.h:409:#define SIGEV_THREAD_ID 4      /* 
> deliver
> to thread */
> /usr/include/bits/sigevent-consts.h:36:  SIGEV_THREAD_ID = 4          /* Send 
> signal
> to specific thread.
> /usr/include/bits/sigevent-consts.h:38:#define SIGEV_THREAD_ID
>  What is an output of `grep -ns SIGEV_THREAD_ID /usr/include/*/*` on your
> build machine ?

musl is an alternative implementation of libc for linux. It does not try to be
fully compatible to GNU libc, but mostly targets POSIX. Thus a few
glibc-specific things are missing and some things are in different locations.

SIGEV_THREAD_ID is defined in

    include/signal.h:#define SIGEV_THREAD_ID 4

> Also what is an output of `grep -ns pwrite /usr/include/*` on your build
> machine ?

'pwrite' is defined in unistd.h

But there is a catch: pwrite and pwrite64 are not different symbols and are
macro aliases:

ssize_t pwrite(int, const void *, size_t, off_t);
#if defined(_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE) || defined(_GNU_SOURCE)
#define pwrite64 pwrite

Also, `dlvsym()` does not exist on musl, and GLIBC-specific symbol versions are
not available, thus things like the below don't work:

     ptr = dlvsym (dlflag, "pthread_mutex_unlock", "GLIBC_2.0");

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