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[Bug ld/6468] ld: --export-dynamic fails if no undefined symbols

From: nyh at math dot technion.ac.il
Subject: [Bug ld/6468] ld: --export-dynamic fails if no undefined symbols
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 08:12:50 +0000


--- Comment #8 from Nadav Har'El <nyh at math dot technion.ac.il> ---
Alan, I don't see where this behavior is documented... It is also
counter-intuitive - as you can see in the issue, people expect that explicitly
adding "--export-dynamic", as its name suggests, exports a dynamic table. In
some situations we need the result to have a dynamic table with all functions -
even if "all" means zero functions.

If you don't want to change "--export-dynamic", I would recommend 1. actually
documenting this in --export-dynamic, and 2. add an option to export even an
empty dynamic section. Perhaps "--export-empty-dynamic" or "--force-dynamic" (I
see the latter option is documented to exist only on VxWorks - why?)

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